Merry Christmas Newsletter 2016

At Amanda Schroter Design
We can help you create a beautiful HOME!

Are you looking to renovate or paint this winter or are you getting ready to build your dream home and you don’t know where to start? 
Amanda Schroter Design can help you! 
From choosing the products and paint colours to go into your home, to helping you find good contractors to do the work, we will help you make sense of it all.
Call 780-267-7432 for your 30 minute complimentary needs assessment. 
After one hour Designer Fee applies.

Looking for 2″ horizontal blinds, Shutters, Roman or Roller shade blinds? Do you need motorized blinds? Please ask me about 40-50% off retail Blinds.  And with 10 or more blinds get ASD contract pricing!

The discount is on measuring as well. Installation fees are not included. 
Offer expires Feb 28, 2017
Did you know?

You can get Top Down Bottom Up blinds in various types of blinds. Benefits of Top down Bottom Up Blinds are:

  1. Additional Light Control With the winter sun lower in the sky you have more control where the sun shines in your home which protects the items in your house yet allows you to have some light from the windows.
  2. Provides View and Light While Retaining Privacy. Do you have a bedroom where you would love the light but would still like privacy from your neighbours?  Do you have a kitchen window that looks into your neighbour’s window? Top Down Bottom Up blinds are great for these problem areas.

ASD took the show on the road this fall at the Edmonton Women’s Show.  Check out the link below for the PEP (Parents Empowering Parents) booth designed by ASD.

Amanda Schroter Design

Shop online at 

Amanda Schroter Design

Everything from lamps, throws, pillows to furniture for your home.

Also, Check it out! At Amanda Schroter Design we want to keep the home environment clean and free of chemicals so we have joined Norwex Canada in making the world a better place. Shop for products such as laundry detergent and tools to make your home clean without harsh chemicals.
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  Charities ASD supports:

Link to Edmonton Dream Centre (EDC)
Link to Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Society
Link to International New Hope Ministries (INNHM)

ASD  Providing innovative solutions combining beauty & function.




Let’s Talk Interior Design – Grommet Drapery

Tips and Tricks of Interior Design.

Cosy at the Lakehouse

My Favourite Drapery Project This Year.

This was one of my favourite projects this year so far… I was SO happy with how it turn out.. I had to post pictures to show everyone… Beautiful Grommet Drapery made of Telafina fabric, crystal glass finials and oil bronze hardware… beautiful rosette tiebacks… and to top it off lovely Roman shades… So lovely and cosy…. 🙂

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Something You Should Know? ‪Tip to combat Allergies in your home.

Allergies, can be caused by dust mites collected in stuffed animals? Then you know the exposure to dust mites can lead to symptoms of ‪‎sneezing, ‪#runny nose, ‪‎itchy eyes and more. Try the Norwex Mattress Cleaner which is an enzyme-based formula designed to help remove organic materials and provide a deep cleaning! ‪#‎GreenClean‬ ‪#‎CleanHomeTip‬

For more information or to purchase Norwex Mattress Cleaner go to .

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Room of the Day!


Living room


Room of the Day!



3What is your favorite colour? Put a splash of it in one of the rooms in your house. You’ll love to go into it. I know it makes me happy when I see my favorite colour.

Bedroom Makeover

1The right drapery and paint colour makes a world of difference to a room!

Room of the Day!


Master Bedroom & Ensuite



Room of the Day!

Dining Room

Drapery, Pictures and Accessories help personalize and warm a room up. Also Drapery acts as an acoustic feature if noise is rebounding in a room.

Buying Window Treatments?

Bedroom Drapery PanelsThings to consider when buying Window Treatments

Window treatments are one of the most important investments you can make in your home—both for your personal comfort and increasing the value for resale.

Today there are many options to consider when selecting blinds, such as vertical or horizontal, type of fabric or finish and type of rods/headrails. To make sure you get what you need and want, consider the following questions before you start shopping for blinds and/or consulting an interior decorator:

  • How large are your windows? The size of window may dictate the type of blind you select. With very large windows (over 60-84 inches wide) you should consider the weight of the blinds. For example, horizontal blinds, particularly wood or faux woods, can become very heavy. Also, when the blinds are heavy, the strings that pull the blinds down have more chance of breaking and the slats may sag more easily. Some options to dress a large window include installing vertical blinds with panel tracks; e.g. slats that are wider. If you have mullions, (vertical or horizontal space between window units or sliding glass doors) you could put a separate blind in each window unit. You could also consider installing two or three blinds on one headrail.
  • How does your window open? Is there a crank or lever to open the window that sticks out and gets in the way of blinds? One way to solve this problem is to go to a building supply store and ask about a crank that folds in. Alternatively, you may need to look at different hardware mounts.
  • Do you have custom windows? Are your windows round, oval, or triangular? The window treatment I work with can use a template to produce specialized-shaped window treatments or cut-outs to cover other home features such as air conditioners or radiators.
    What purpose do you want the blinds or window treatments to serve? Do you want the bedroom darkened to aid your sleep? Do you want to keep the direct sunlight off your furnishings, hardwood flooring and carpet? What kind of view do you have outside your window—obstructed, panoramic or garden? What do you need to ensure your privacy? The window treatment companies I work with have a wide selection of products and options to address such challenges, including top down/bottom-up cord systems and light and UV- filtering shades.
  • Do you want inside or outside mounted blinds? Do you want to cover up your window trim or show it? Is there room to install hardware on an inside mount? Note: If you want complete darkness in a room, an outside mount is optimal.
  • Do you want to combine drapery with your blind treatments?You will need to decide if you would prefer a functional drapery that would cover the entire window, a panel located on the sides, or a valance at the top of the window.
  • Do you have young/small children? Pets? When you have small children or pets you need to consider durability, maintenance and safety (cords). This can affect your choice of material and preference for cordless or remote systems.
  • Are your windows accessible to you, or are they too high to reach easily?Many of the window treatment companies I work with can provide remote control systems, including programming when the blinds open and close.
  • How do you plan to install your blinds? Having professional installers can save time and energy, ensures quality, and also resolves unforeseen problems—often at a very reasonable price.
  • Other Questions to Consider:
    What is the style and decor of the room? Is it casual, formal, country, modern–the list goes on!
    Do you want the window coverings to blend or contrast with your walls and furniture?
    Does your building / community have regulations that require white backing on the window treatments?
    Do you want your blinds to provide additional insulation? Some blinds have an insulating value, although if you have new windows it is not as much of a problem.
    I would be pleased to discuss the above questions, help you review the many options for window treatments and assist you in selecting the treatments that best meet your needs.