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Living room


Room of the Day!


Master Bedroom & Ensuite



Room of the Day!

Dining Room

Drapery, Pictures and Accessories help personalize and warm a room up. Also Drapery acts as an acoustic feature if noise is rebounding in a room.

ASD’s November Newsletter!

Find out what the colour trends are for 2013. Click on link below.

November newsletter 

Making your home office your own!

2It is important to enjoy the space you work in. It makes you more productive. Use shelving and cabinet to organize. Find the colour that makes you happy and put a splash of it in your office. It is so much better to work in a office that you like.

Redesigning Your Room

Redesigning Your RoomRedesigning a room is exciting, but sometimes overwhelming. The first step in room redesign is to ask you what is the function of the room and then we make a list of the essential items the room needs to ensure your desires are met. Some examples of the questions that would be asked for your bedroom are: Do you ……
  • Need a place to keep books
  • Need good lighting above the desk or bed.
  • Have a comfortable bed
  • Need a desk with storage space stationary
  • Need storage for clothes
  • Have enough light and ventilation
  • Have enough moving space
  • Need light control for sleeping

– Amanda