What Do You Look For When You Want To Buy Blinds? Part 1 – Roller Shades and Visions Shades

There are so many types and options when buying Blinds.  Here are 2 popular options:  Roller Shades and Revolve/Vision Shades.


In the next couple of blog posts, I will discuss the different types of blinds you can buy, their options, pros and cons.

Roller Shades

Like all blinds, Roller Shades have many options:

  • Abundant fabric choices.
  • Opacity:  opaque (Blackout blinds), semi-opaque, translucent (like sheers) and screens.
  • Colours of chains and material choices.
  • Bottom bar choices.
  • Control choice like Soft Rise, Motorize, Clutch system, control Chain and Lift assist.
  • Motorized  blinds can be hard wired or battery operated.  They can even be operated from an app on your phone or tablet.  And the list goes on.
  • There is a Duo shade option (with 2 layers of fabric).
  • Budget wise you can do reverse roll or standard. Reverse roll is a cleaner more modern look.
  • Depending on budget, there are many options on Valances (see picture below).

Pros about Roller Shades

  • Rollers can be a good budget conscious buy depending on fabric choice and valances. 
  • Great blackout blinds when an outside mount.
  • Many fabrics to pick from. 
  • Often the fabric can be matched with vertical blinds, panel blinds, or Roman shades.

Cons about Roller Shades

  • If you are looking for light control these may not be ideal as you only have 2 options, either up or down. 
  • No top down bottom up options. 

Revolve Transitional Shades or Vision Shades

This Collection is fairly NEW in the world of blinds, maybe 2 or 3 years old. Most blinds manufacturers adopted them earlier on except Hunter Douglas, who just rolled them out this year.

“A Unique roller shade style fabric collection with the benefits of Venetian blinds.

The Revolve Transitional Shades Collection is a unique fusion of roller shade technology with the utility of Venetian blinds.

Utilising advanced weaving techniques, the horizontal lines of the Revolve Transitional Shade fabrics create panoramic views unobstructed by cords.

Unlike traditional roller fabrics, these modern fabrics can be aligned to achieve ‘view through’ or ‘privacy’, while preserving a soft natural light.

The soft fabric of a premium shade and the light control and privacy of a Venetian blind make the Revolve Transitional Shade Collection unparalleled in appearance versatility and value.” (taken from BBV Revolve Transitional Shade Collection Vol. 2 book and pictures also)

Options for the Revolve and Vision Shades.

  • Lots of fabrics choices.
  • Has a cassette valance.
  • You can get opaque (Blackout blinds), semi-opaque and translucent (like sheers).
  • Chain colours.
  • Control choices are Continuous cord loop standard or Motorized.
  • Motorized  blinds can be hard wired or battery operated.  They can even be operated from an app on your phone or tablet.  And the list goes on.

Pros about Roller Shades

  • Good blackout blind.
  • Many fabrics to pick from
  • You have light control with this blind.

Cons about Roller Shades

  • No top down bottom up options.

So in conclusion, there are 2 types of Roller Shades. The Revolve and Vision Shade is a new and evolving type of the Roller Shade that brings in the element of a Venetian.

Stay tuned as I discuss the different types of blinds in the next couple of blogs. Thank you for coming by.




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